Product photography

Engaging visual content is important for every business. Having professional product photography not only helps you communicate a story, but it also helps move consumers further along their buying journey from awareness to conversion.

Outlined below are my photography services offered, my process for product photography, as well as the answers to some of my frequently asked questions (FAQs).


This style of photography is, as the name implies, shot in a studio. It is a creative style of photography that highlights the product as the hero. It’s typically used for social media, product category shots on websites, and advertising campaigns.

Styled studio shots can be minimally styled, or they can be a total creative scene that communicates a story to the potential customer.

Below are some style variations we can consider for your shoot.

Floating products
Macro / close-up
Creative photography
Texture photography
Splash photography
Flatlay photography
Hard light
Range shot
Soft light photography


E-commerce photography is an effective way of communicating key features of your products and highlighting any unique selling points. This style of imagery is essential for e-commerce websites.

Please note that you don't need to shoot on a white background. A coloured backdrop for your e-commerce shots can be effective too.

High-quality photos are extremely important to give your online store a professional look and feel and to build trust with your consumers.

Portfolio - Love That Bag
Portfolio - Perfume Merchant
E-commerce photography


Lifestyle product photography is a popular way to showcase your product in context. It communicates to the user how or where the product is used.

Lifestyle photography is a great way to communicate your brand’s story and another way to encourage your consumer to make the decision to purchase your products.

These images can be styled in the studio, or shot on location.

Recent work - Buffie shoot
Lifestyle photography
Portfolio - Pureblend 3


Bring your images to life with a stop-motion video or an animated GIF. These short, dynamic videos are approximately 5-15 secs in length and they are a great asset to your marketing collection.


Discovery Phase

In this phase, I take the time to find out a little more about your brand, and your photography requirements. I will ask about your goals for this project, learn more about your target audience and brand positioning.




This is the most formal part of the process. It’s where the photography contract & image license agreement are shared and invoices are issued. You will be asked for 50% of the payment to secure your booking.


Planning Phase

During this phase, I review the brief and create a shoot plan with mood boards (if required). Some clients already have a comprehensive brief, others need more guidance on the best creative direction for their brand.




Once I know what shots are required, I then move on to the pre-production phase.  Here I look at what props and backdrops are required for the shoot. Sometimes no additional props are required. Other times it can take hours to find that perfect prop!

If extensive time is required to source a prop then a prop sourcing fee may be charged.


Shoot Day

The time spent shooting depends on the quantity of images required, the complexity of each shot, and the number of different set-ups required (e.g. flatlay vs lifestyle vs e-commerce shots). I tend to bundle the same category of shots on the same day.




This is another step often underestimated by clients. During this stage your images will be culled, edited, and uploaded to a gallery for your final selection.

Reflective products, e-commerce images, and products with marks, dirt, etc. need more editing time.


Outlined below are answers to some of my frequently asked questions. If you have any further questions, feel free to contact me.

Where are you located?

My studio is located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

What is your turnaround time?

I typically require 5-10 business days to plan, shoot and turnaround images. Faster turnarounds may be possible. Please contact me to discuss if you need a faster turnaround. An additional fee may be required.

Who owns the copyright of the content created?

Saltwater Creative Studio owns the copyright for all images. However, as a business owner, you will be granted a license to use the images for the agreed permitted uses without restrictions and without attribution.

Do you charge for props & backdrops?

I have access to some wonderful props and backdrops. If you require any perishable items for the shoot then you will be asked to cover the cost of the props. If extensive prop sourcing is required, a prop sourcing fee may also be charged. Custom backdrops will be an additional charge.

If you have specific props you would like me to use, you are welcome to send them over to be used in the shoot.

Does the price include styling?

Yes, in most cases I take care of the styling and photography. If you are looking to employ a stylist, or use one of your own, let me know when requesting a quote.

How do I get my products to you?

You can send your products via Australia Post or courier, or deliver them directly. Any products that are sent for the shoot will be returned unless otherwise specified. Please include a postage-paid envelope or organise a courier to collect the products at the end of the shoot if that’s your preferred delivery method.

How do I pay for photography?

Payment can be made via credit card or bank transfer (direct deposit). A 50% deposit is required upfront to secure the booking. The final payment is requested prior to the delivery of images.

Can I get the photos in landscape & portrait orientation?

Yes, an extra cost may be incurred to capture both orientations. This is because often the composition of the image will need to change to suit both orientations.

If you need landscape & square, or portrait & square this is fine as often the composition doesn’t need to change.

“Working with Saltwater Creative Studio has been a joy! From the very beginning, Blazenka was responsive, professional, and full of great ideas.

My expectations were managed from the beginning so there were no surprises with cost, timings, or results. We are delighted with the product and lifestyle shots created for our luxe candle brand Byrne & Love and we would highly recommend working with Blazenka. We look forward to collaborating on future projects.”


Founder, Byrne & Love